All Time and Space Fold into the Infinite Present (Cataract Gorge)



A three-channel video installation with accompanying multi-channel soundfield

Sadia, S (UK/CAN) All Time and Space Fold into the Infinite Present(Cataract Gorge). Three channel installation with accompanying soundfield, HD video (6 minutes), multi-channel audio (60 minutes), 2014.

The work is inspired by an interpretation of Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania, and features footage of the rapids captured by the artist in the Gorge. The work is monumental in scale with the three channels set across a single nine foot by forty eight foot screen.

The footage has been slowed down and colour balanced to resemble deep space, while the motion remains that of the water. This produces a meditative work that draws together the artist’s ideas about time, space, and the land.

“The land whispered, and then roared, and the roar became the sound of the rapids, and the work became the notion of infinite time as interpreted through the movement of water and its link with our forever” says Sadia.

The accompanying eight (8) channel soundfield is constructed of audio captured by the artist in the Gorge. These channels are organised as stereo pairs, the first set representing modern day, and progressing ‘back in time’ as the viewer moves into the gallery.

The interior of the gallery was modelled through convolution processing of a sonic impulse, which enabled the audio characteristics of the exhibition space to be reproduced in our studios at Real World.

Exhibition History

All Time and Space Fold Into the Infinite Present (Cataract Gorge) was created between November 2013 and January 2014 at Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania. The work premiered at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG), the largest regional museum in Australia, at their Inveresk site on January 10th 2014 and ran until March 2nd 2014.

The work and has since been acquired by QVMAG for their permanent collection.

Permanent Installation: In 2021 it was installed in Gallery Eight at QVMAG’s Royal Park location, as part of the re-visioning of the permanent exhibition to mark the 130th Anniversary of Royal Park. For the Gallery Eight installation, the audio was reconfigured into a sixteen channel surround soundfield.