Welcome to the . While much of our work is available elsewhere, here are a few pet projects and peccadilloes that we have produced and recorded that may not be available elsewhere. We've now remastered these tracks and albums for digital release

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The wonderful first 'Equa' album, originally released on Mercury/Polygram but now incredibly hard-to-find. We think it's worth saving....and for all of those who have asked us how to get a copy....we now have an iTunes link for you!.....

More info on EQUA can be found by clicking this link....


"We'd like to laugh, but frankly we're too scared" - NME

The wonderful, wacky, prescient and completely avant-garde first-and-only album by the now-infamous Walk On Water. Featuring such tracks as 'Vulture', 'Matinee' and 'Nothing', 'Pets' (1996) is the definitive statement from one of the greatest underground bands of all time.

Walk On Water - Pets

From psychedelic folk, to bluegrass, rockabilly and ska, The Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis engage us with tales of crop circles, love, nostalgia, and their catchy and poignant concerns for the future of the planet.

Playing home-made instruments, this wonderful album,'The Day Is Yours', was recorded and mixed in a single day (with time off for tea) at Metropolis Studios in London in 1992. 

The Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis - The Day Is Yours
The soundtrack to the internationally-acclaimed documentary 'The Noon Gun' (please see our FILMS and INSTALLATIONS page for more info and a clip of the film).

Now available for the first time, Chimera Arts is pleased to announce the release of 'The Noon Gun' (OST), by the world fusion musicians EQUA (Tayler/Sadia)

Equa - The Noon Gun (Original Soundtrack)
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